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Allergies and its sufferers

Allergy Sufferers Springtime and summer are prime allergy seasons which can mean major discomfort for millions of allergy sufferers. The triggers or allergens most common are: Pollen from trees, grass or weeds Dust mites Insects droppings Mold spores (indoor or outdoor) Pet dander SymptomsSymptoms of allergic rhinitis occur in two…


Asthma and Attacks

Asthma Attack Care Asthma is a respiratory disorder which involves inflammation of the airways causing difficulty breathing for the person suffering from the condition. The condition can progress into asthma attacks in which the muscles of the airway contract becoming tight (bronchospasm), the lining of the airway wall swells, and…


Skin Infections and Diseases

Skin Diseases and Infections   With the pollution that is in the air and the junk food that we love to consume, it’s no wonder that skin disease and skin infection is so common among the women of America. They are not the sole reasons for skin infections and skin…