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Back Pain


End low back pain now by visiting or calling 212 740 4600. For some, low back pain will subside. But for many more low pack pain is a long-term, increasingly serious source of distress. Treatments include traction, over-the-counter prescription narcotic and non-narcotic medications, physical therapy as well as steroid injections. Low back pain touches all, young or old, and is one of the most common ailments, resulting n numbness and weakness in the legs and buttocks, and ankles and feet, and even pain in performing the most routine daily tasks.

Causes of low back pain are numerous, the great majority relating to musculoskeletal disorders. If something is wrong with the spine, pain manifests itself along the back, particularly along the lower or lumbar portion, consisting of five vertabrae. Injury to muscle tissue may also cause lower back pain such as strained and sprained muscles resulting from a sports injury. Most back pain however is treated only symptomatically. The cause of the pain is often unknown, which is acceptable because the pain usually dissipates within a matter of weeks through general treatment such as topical pain relieving creams.

Relieving low back pain does not need to be expensive or complicated. Simply visit or call 212 740 4600 for more information on how your low back pain can melt away today!