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Child Obesity Set to Drop

How to Keep Kids in Great Shape

According to a recent study conducted in Massachusetts it seems that child obesity levels could be on their way down. This is great news for New York City doctors and families who want to keep their young ones happy and healthy. After the report back in 2009 that confirmed the staggering truth that one third of American children were overweight, Michelle Obama began campaigning to encourage parents and children to cut out the excess and start eating well and exercising.
It would seem the campaign has been a success; however Brooklyn doctors are keen to remind parents that the obesity epidemic is not yet over. New York City doctors are keen for parents to educate themselves on the effects, the symptoms and prevention tips for child obesity to ensure that your child is encouraged to take their New York health into consideration and to  live a healthy lifestyle from a young age.

Promote Healthy Eating

It’s important as a family that you promote healthy eating plans and teach your children to have a positive attitude towards food. New York City doctors state that even if you have weight issues with children in the family it is essential to teach good health goals without outing too much emphasis on food and weight. Negative approaches to both these things can lead to further problems and even eating disorders.

Lots of Exercise

Brooklyn doctors claim that one of the best ways to combat child obesity is to correctly balance a healthy diet with a physical exercise plan. Children need lots of running around; t is great for their development and helps them to stay in shapes. Make exercise fun for your child either through sport or play.

Talk to your Doctor

If you think your child may be overweight you should include your pediatrician or New York City family doctor. Your doctor can help determine if there is a weight issue and can help set goals and healthy eating plans in place.