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Coughs and Colds

Cure your Cough and Cold

In winter and even the dry months of summer, cough and colds can persist for a while. While some people may have tough immune systems, others have fairly strong ones to protect them from infection and viruses that cause this annoying illness. For the most part, these two illnesses are one of the most common reasons why we visit a doctor. Cough and colds would usually clear up on their own but in severe cases taking medicines such as nasal-decongestants, antihistamine, cough suppressant and expectorant can help speed the recovery process. These may not be an indication of an underlying severe illness for it is very normal for a person to experience it because of the sudden change of weather. A fairly active and normal person usually would catch a cold for about 2 to 4 times a year and cough at least once or twice a year.

Cough and colds do not leave your body overnight. They usually last for 3 anything between 3 to 15 days (or more), depending on the severity of the virus and how well it is managed. If left untreated, your condition may become really severe and can affect your entire body. Sometimes, a more serious secondary bacterial infection may develop from the initial virus which may result to bigger problems such as having clogged up nose, chest pains, breathing problems, and so on. If you do not want to experience a bigger problem because of your cough and colds, you must speak to your doctor and check what he has to offer in order for you to feel the relief you are looking forward to. In some instances, you will be prescribed to take antibiotics to lessen the infection. Night and Day medical, a reputable clinic in New York City is one of such clinics that can help deal with such minor illnesses. At this clinic, you will also be guided accordingly on what types of medicine is best for your condition and the dosage required as well. Though most of the medicines may be purchased over the counter in pharmacies, it is still best to seek your doctor’s advice and follow what has been prescribed to speed up your recovery and get you back in shape right away.

Cough and colds do tend to weaken your entire body so it is essential along with the medication prescribed, you get some rest and sleep so your body can replenish slowly. Lack of rest will make your body’s condition deteriorate, thus, making it more prone to other diseases. Also, to help you feel better right away, you must make sure that you are well hydrated by drinking plenty of water to replenish the fluids your body is losing because of your illness as well as eat properly and increase your intake of fruits.

It is essential to always be aware that not only medicines can help lessen the pain you’re experiencing as a result of the cough or the cold but also your lifestyle. Visit Night and Day medical and speak to one of our professional doctors and get back on your feet again.