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Cuts and Bruises


Ever had one of those overly hyper active children that run around a lot and cause havoc? Kids are very giddy and excited about almost everything, we cannot control their movements all of the time. Though we want to give them the utmost care they truly deserve, we cannot keep them away from being hurt 24/7. It is their nature to run around the house, playgrounds, school premises and anywhere they could possibly exercise a sense of freedom. Unfortunately for parents, denying kids such activity will make you an over-protective parent who would just want to keep their child under the shell. Doing so will surely affect your child’s development which will ultimately affect their self-esteem and social relationship. Since we cannot deny them the fun they deserve, kids usually get cuts and bruises from the games they engage in. Occasionally, you may hear the odd cry about an accident during playtime; because of course they have hurt themselves and are in pain. When this happens every parent automatically panics. This is not needed as you should always be quick to act, wary and attentive enough to administer some first aid in order to lessen the pain your child is feeling.

Most parents are overly concerned about their children falling over, sustaining cuts and bruises on their knees, arms and legs. This is very normal especially for kids learning how to walk properly, exercising their senses and exploring around. Though these cuts can be painful, there are plenty of medications you could a child in order for them to be relieved of the pain and be able to stand up and play once again. Some home remedies are quite effective- you could give your child ice packs and compression bandages. Sometimes, these might not suffice to take away the pain depending on the severity of the cut or bruise. If this happens then you must take him to a reliable clinic, such as Night and Day Medical; a reputable health centre that will provide cure to mild or severe cuts and bruises. The good thing about always visiting a doctor is you always get the needed advice on how to deal with a situation physically, mentally and emotionally. This is always handy for the little ones as well as a concerned parent. The way you handle the situation may aggravate your kid’s perception about getting hurt and may affect him mentally and emotionally. By visiting a reliable and reputable doctor, you will be informed well enough about the medicines you are supposed to use to cure the cuts and bruises effectively. It is always important to follow such advice and instructions carefully to relieve your child of pain.

A responsible parent does not carelessly handle a situation especially if it concerns a child’s health. It is best to seek for a doctor’s help so as to be sure that what you are giving your child is what is best for them. Accidents may not be prevented sometimes but being aware there is support to get you through is ever so reassuring. Next time your child has abrasions, cuts and bruises do not panic because although they can be serious they are not life-threatening if dealt with immediately.