Cuts and Scrapes Treatment

Should you need Cuts and Scrapes Treatment or a Tetanus Vaccine in New York a New York Nurse is the answer.


CutsTetanus Vaccines in New York Can Save Lives

If you have small children then you may be used to scraped arms and bumped knees but some cuts and scrapes require medical attention to ensure there is no risk of infection. If there has been a foreign object imbedded in the wound or the wound was caused by a bit then you may need to get a tetanus vaccine in New York. You are at a greater risk of contracting tetanus if dirt or bacteria enters the wound, even a tiny thorn prick is enough to allow tetanus bacteria into your body. The symptoms of tetanus can include muscle stiffness, a fever, sweating and a rapid heartbeat. If left untreated tetanus can be fatal which is why it’s imperative to seek cuts and scrapes treatment from a New York nurse.

Deep cuts should always be seen by a medical professional as there can be a large loss of blood and risk of exposure of underlying tissue. If you have a deep cut on your leg, arm, or anywhere else you should seek speedy cuts and scrapes treatments. Treatment may include cleaning and disinfecting the wound, stitching up the laceration and providing the patient with a tetanus vaccine in New York.

If you are trying to provide cuts and scrapes treatment at home it is imperative to remember these safety measures to avoid infection and further injury:

  • Never breathe into an open wound
  • Never try to clean a major wound
  • Never attempt to remove any debris or foreign object lodged in

Preventing Infection

While a scraped arm may seem like a minor injury it can become a serious condition if the area gets infected. You may notice signs of infection days after the injury was obtained, skin around the infected area may be swollen and warm to the touch, there may be a discharge or pus like substance weeping from the scrape or the patient my be suffering from a high fever. To avoid risk of infection its vital to seek cuts and scrapes treatment from a medical professional.

At Night and Day Medical our fully trained and qualified staff is able to deal with all kinds of abrasions, lacerations, cuts and scrapes. We take great pride in our cuts and scrapes treatment and there is always a nurse available on hand to deal quickly with a laceration. As we mentioned quick action after a laceration can help prevent infection.