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Doctors In New York City Say Stay Safe In The Heat!

It’s Even Hot For Doctor’s In New York City!


Good moring New York from your friendly neighbourhood NY doctor! Did everyone sleep O.K last night in the heat? Probably not! All these glorious hot summer days kinda get a doctor in New York thinking. You know that New York doctors and doctors everywhere for that matter want to help, heal and protect and all this heat and sun can do you harm.  Hopefully you have all been being smart and know how to stay safe in such lovely but sometimes extreme weather. If not then here are some little points for you to ponder over because anyone can get a heat related illness.


New York City Doctor’s Sunny Day Tips!


Some of these are going to seem so obvious but you would be surprised just how many times people have to go their doctor in New York City due to a heat related illness. Getting sick on sunny days is competely avoidable by simply staying out of the sun. We know people will face the elements no matter what so if you must go out in the sun you need to know just how important it is to take heat seriously! You don’t want to end up having to visit your doctor in New York City do you?


  • Drink, drink, drink! No we don’t mean go and buy a couple of beers or cocktails we mean lovely yummy water! Alcohol and very sugery drinks will actually dehydrate you even further.
  • Wear light weight and loose clothing
  • Don’t exercise! Sounds shocking coming from New York City doctor’s we know, but on exceptionally hot days it’s a good idea to just skip your daily exercise routine.
  • Try to stay in doors. Like we said before the best way to not getting sick in the sun is to just stay out of it’s way! Besides, air conditioning and fans can be heavenly on a hot day!
  • Rest! If you really must go out in the sun then be sure to rest often in a cool place.
  • NEVER leave anyone in a parked car! The heat outside a car is nothing compared to the heat inside the car so never ever leave a sleeping baby/child/friend in a car on a hot day. That goes for pets too!