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Do You Need To Drink More Water?

Michelle Obama Wants You To Drink

More Water And So

Does Your New York City Doctor


This week, First Lady, Michelle Obama has told American to drink more water. With statistics showing that 43% of us drink less than 4 cups of water a day and shockingly 1 in 4 children can go all a whole day without drinking any water at all it’s obviously time to spread awareness about just how important water is.

Sam Kass the ‘Let’s Move!’ executive director says “Michelle Obama’s core message is going to be that drinking more water is the best and easiest choice that we can make every day”. By working with private companies, public taps and participating cities the White House wants to tell America to ‘drink up’!

As New York City doctors we have high hopes that people will take notice of this new initiative and opt for water instead of less healthier options when they feel thirsty.

Water Is The Original Energy Drink – So Drink Up!


A grown man is about 60% water and an adult woman about 50% water.  That might seem like a lot but it doesn’t mean you have water to spare! After losing only 1-3% of your body’s water you will begin to feel thirsty however before the thirst comes, after losing a mere 1% your mental performance and coordination will have already been affected. As you can see it pays to keep hydrated constantly and when you do feel thirsty or even sleepy in the middle of the day reach for water instead of a sugary energy drink. Your body isn’t looking for processed sugar of caffeine, it simply wants that 3% back!


Why Your Body Needs You To Drink More Water


Your New York City Doctor knows why, but do you? Here’s just a few reasons why water is so wonderful and why you really need to drink up!

  • Water helps flush out toxins. Our kidneys do an amazing job at cleansing our bodies but they can only do their best if we give them enough clean drinking water. A good way to tell if you are drinking enough water is by the color of your pee. The paler the better!
  • Our digestive systems need lots of water to function and if they don’t get enough we can often suffer from an overly acidic stomach and constipation.
  • Water gives you energy and helps your brain function better. With some of the symptoms of dehydration being  headaches and lethargy is it any wonder people all across the world confuse it with needing a drink that gives them a ‘boost’?


Although we might crave sweet and fizzy soft drinks they have nothing to offer our bodies at all and can actually harm them. Water contains no sugar, caffeine or calories so it is the smart choice. We’re not saying you can’t drink other things but you should always try to chose drinks that fit in with a healthy and balanced diet and be aware for the reasons why you need to drink more water.