Chosing a doctor is difficult and important. Can I see your office and meet your doctor before deciding if I want a consult?

We understand the trepidation patients feel when they need to find a doctor. It’s often a time of uncertainty when you’re feeling ill or just need someone to talk to. We will be happy to sit with you for a brief discussion so that you can assess our office and your level of comfort with us. .

I have my own PCP, can I still utilize specialists at your office?

Of course you have the choice to see any of our providers regardless of who you choose as your primary care physician. You may need to supply us with a referral or authorization prior to your visit.

How can I become a partner in my healthcare?

We offer you online access to your medical records. This will include any recommendations your physician may have for you. This also allows you to communicate with your physician via a secure and private email link. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions on topics discussed during your visit that you may not .

You have several offices in Manhattan. Can I be seen at any office?

We have a state of the art electronic medical record system in place. Your records are available to our staff at any location you chose to be seen. As we have different specialty services throughout the week in our offices you may choose the location that best fits your schedule.

I have No Insurance and would like to know the cost prior to coming in.

We have a very reasonable pricing structure for our primary care and specialty care services. (Fee Schedule). Please note that we try very hard to maintain our fees as low as possible without compromising care. We ask our patients to consider cancellations and rescheduling in a timely manner so that we can keep these prices affordable.

Do you take my insurance?

We take a variety of insurance plans as in-network providers. There are some plans that we work with as out of network providers and generally we can accept assignment on these plans as well.