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Flu jab

Colds, Flu and Swine Flu

There are several different cold and flu symptoms. Cold symptoms typically start off with a sore throat which tends to go away within a couple of days. Runny nose and congestion are common in colds as well. A fever is not common in adults who have a cold but there is always a possibility of having a fever even if you are an adult. Children with colds are more likely to have a fever than adults. Symptoms of the flu and swine flu tend to be more severe than those of cold symptoms. The symptoms of the flu and swine flu include fever, muscle soreness, sore throat, cough, and congestion. We have a swine flu vaccine available; the swine flu vaccine is used to help prevent people from getting that specific strain of the flu.
A regular flu shot may also be administered for the regular flu. Cold and flu symptoms may seem alike so it is important to see a medical professional. We can determine if the patient has the flu, swine flu, or if the patient simply has a cold. Some patients exhibit cold and flu symptoms after receiving vaccines such as the flu shot or swine flu vaccine but these vaccines are beneficial in preventing the flu.