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What to Expect During Routine Checkup?

Everyone must think about visiting a doctor at least once or twice a year even if you believe you are not unwell. Why? There are plenty of diseases which may not be felt on an early stage. Visiting once in a while is the most excellent thing to do in order for you to anticipate if you are undergoing a major illness if you will follow a regular health check which will be conducted by your trusted trustworthy doctor. A yearly health check is not only done to elderly men and women but actually to everyone. So you must not feel relieved for not feeling anything abnormal. It is preeminent to visit your doctor and let him verify if you are bodily okay or not.

So what must you expect from a regular check up in a New York Medical Center? What will your doctor do during the examination? Night and Day Medical Center examines you in a way you must be handled. Cited are the things you must let your doctor do to you without any hesitation.
1. Blood Pressure.
Your blood pressure must be checked whenever you go on a health check. A sphygmomanometer will be used in order to figure out if you have a low, normal or high blood pressure. An average blood pressure of an individual is 112/64 mmHg but it rises as an individual ages. This must be monitored especially if you have a very high blood pressure for it will surely result to fatality in a second.
1. Height.
Your height will be measured. A loss in height may be because of calcium depletion or a condition wherein your body does not absorb the calcium you may get from the food you eat. Also, osteoporosis may be one of the crucial reasons why you may lose some height for your bones are crumpling which may cause you to not correctly stand and become a humpback. There are supplements your doctor from a New York Medical Center will recommend to you which may help you not to experience such conditions.
2. Weight.
Your weight will be measured. Losing or gaining weight beyond normal may point to an underlying health problem. Cancer, infections, kidney, heart and liver problems will make you drop or increase weights so you must be bothered if you think you are experiencing such without you undergoing a diet or something.
3. Blood Work.
Different blood tests will be done to you but the most vital test is the CBC or complete blood count. Blood may be instructed from a vein in your arm or through fingerpick. It is done to verify physiological or biological states, such as disease, mineral content, drug efficiency, and organ function.
4. Electrocardiogram.
Also known as EKG or ECG is done to record the heart’s electrical activity. It translates the heart’s activity into line tracing on paper. This will basically fathom if your heart is working normal or some valves and other parts are not working as expected that may perhaps cause a heart disease. This is usually done every two to three years.
5. Fecalysis.
Also known as stool analysis, it is done to figure out the state or a person’s digestive tract in general. Also, colorectal cancer may be detected by checking one’s stool. Visit New York medical center and have yours checked right away!
6. Colonoscopy.
This must be done every two to four year also to figure out if a person has colon cancer or any condition on one’s digestive system.

1. Prostate Exam.
This is done to men who are 50 years old and up who are on the high risk state of having prostate cancer.

1. Mammogram.
A mammogram is a clinical breast exam so as to figure out if there are masses. These masses will be checked if cancerous or not and will also be checked if a woman is needed to undergo an operation.
2. Pap Smear.
Done by an OB Gyne, this is done every year so as to figure out if a woman has a cervical cancer.

You must visit a New York medical center at least once a month so you will feel at ease that you are on perfect state. Taking good care of your health is your responsibility. If you like to live a happy and long life, you must be responsible enough to visit a doctor for a regular exam.