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Get Fit After Christmas With a New York Physical Therapist

In a season all about excess it’s difficult to stay trim and avoid stuffing ourselves with glutinous treats like pumpkin pie, chocolate and wine. Yet if you feel like you’ve overindulged this Christmas you may want to consider getting in touch with a New York physical therapist to get fit and healthy part of your new year plan.

Getting fit and healthy is super important when it comes to your health but you need to make sure you do it right! Fad diets or simply depriving yourself of food is a no brainer, the short term effect may seem to work but in the long run you are damaging your body. If you are serious about shedding some excess weight have a look at our top tips to lose weight whilst being safe.

The Balancing Act
The correct way to get in shape is all about knowing how to balance. You need to have a strategy in place that includes a good diet and plenty of exercise. The key is not to starve your body of the nutrients it needs. You should opt for five small meals a day and at least 30 minutes of exercise three days a week. Your diet should include vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and dairy. Try drinking water before sitting down to a meal, not only will lots of water purify the body it also fills you up so you eat less.

Have Fun With your Workout
Some of us think gyms are a bore with expensive memberships to boot. Why not take your exercise plan to the next level of fun! It doesn’t have to all be huff and puff and New York is full of exciting exercise opportunities. Why not take up a dance class, learn some self defense? You can opt for bike riding, swimming, tennis, basketball, golf! It doesn’t matter how you get your exercise as long as you get it! So get creative and get moving!

Don’t Overdo it
Set realistic goals and build it up slow. You can’t go from turkey stuffing champ to wilted lettuce love in a day. Consider hiring a personal trainer or at New York physical therapist to help you with your new health plan and to encourage you to stick to it!

Don’t beat yourself up about losing weight. Remember there is a fine line between getting healthy and being safe. Body image is all about confidence so if you feel great you will look great whatever your size!