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Help with Abdominal Pain


Abdominal pain is one of the worst pains anyone can suffer. Suffering in silence and not seeking treatment can result in a number of complications although majority of the causes of abdominal pain might not be particularly serious with the exception of the few odd cases. It is important to bear in mind however that, although most of the causes might not be exactly serious, sometimes, abdominal pains can be a sign of a rather serious illness that needs to be looked at straightaway. It is important you call on a doctor if you find yourself in this situation.

Most of the causes of abdominal pain might be due to constipation, indigestion after a bad meal, menstrual cramps, food allergies and the more serious cases such as hernia, food poisoning, kidney stones as well as a number of other urinary tract infections amongst others.

Typically when you experience abdominal pains, you should look out for symptoms that seem to make it severe. If you feel nausea, have difficulty in breathing, vomiting blood or bloody stools or abdomen too tender to touch then you must consult your doctor. Some pains might progress over several days before getting severe

Most of these symptoms are usually indicative of internal inflammation or an infection that requires urgent treatment.

Treatment of abdominal is usually tailored to an individual’s personal condition. At NDM, because causes of this type of pain can vary from person to person, our physicians perform a thorough physical examination and discuss the symptoms with patients to understand the type of pain before any further diagnosis.

Our doctors would usually want to know how long you’ve had the pain for, where the pain is and other conditions you might have. This is because illnesses can be triggered off by several things in the human body.

Abdominal pain treatment can take a variety of methods. Again, this is dependent on the individual’s condition. Options for treatment include medications for the inflammation such as ulcers, antibiotics if there has been an infection and in more severe cases surgery might be required.

It is important you don’t take any pain for granted especially when it persists for a long time. If you’re confused as to what is going on then why not visit us to get some advice. Our team of medical professionals are waiting for you.