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How to Beat the Winter Blues

Don’t Let the Cold Grind you Down

As the days get shorter and the sunlight dwindles to be replaced with dark cold nights, lots of people start to suffer from the winter blues. Feeling a little down come the winter can be normal but it is important to protect your mental health and NYC doctors can help you with this. Protecting your health means working to keep those winter blues at bay. Check out these top tips from New York doctors to help you keep your health and happiness until the spring.


Even if it is chilly outside it is important to keep exercising throughout the colder months, exercise isn’t just to keep you trim but it also helps to keep you happy. When you exercise endorphins are released into your body which contributes to making you happy. When you exercise in winter you will feel healthier, have more energy and feel your spirits lifted. Talk to your NYC doctor about an exercise plan that suits you.

Find the light

Many people suffer from low moods in the winter due to the lack of sun. Sunlight actually contains vitamin D which is essential as a mood booster. You should try to ensure that you let a little light into your life every day to keep your mood high. This can include simply opening the curtains going for a quick walk or changing the light bulbs in your house to mimic natural light.

Talk it Out

Sometimes the blues can get to you and make you feel anxious and depressed. In these cases it always helps to talk to someone and find relief in communication. Try talking to family, friends or even a psychologist in New York about how you feel. Keeping your mental health in check is extremely important and you should take time and care to ensure your mind and body are both in tip top shape.