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How to Bring a High Fever Down


Reduce your High Fever at Home

Winter winds and cold weather can bring cold and flu to your door and leave you feeling under the weather. A sniffly nose can be easy to beat but a high temperature can be potentially dangerous. High fevers are a common side effect of cold and flu and there are ways that you can break it at home. If you get worried about your high fever then you should always seek medical attention from your New York City doctor particularly if it’s accompanied by vomiting and any kind of rash. Check out these ways in which you can bring a fever down at home.

Take a Bath

If you have a high fever then you can cool it right down with a luke warm bath. It’s essential to get the temperature right as a hot bath will make your fever worse and a cold bath will shock your system. A luke warm bath however will soothe your skin and treat your fever enough to make you comfortable.

Strip off

Make sure that you choose clothing that will help to reduce your temperature. A lot of people tend to bundle up in layers of clothes to sweat the illness out but this can actually trap the fever in. make sure you dress comfortably in layers so you can strip down and adjust your temperature accordingly. Replacing a heavy blanket with a comforter can help you to stay warm when you need to and cool when your fever rises.

Stay hydrated

When you are sick staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do. Your body is fighting the fever and needs all the help it can get. Flush out your system with plenty of water which will work to keep you hydrated and will reduce your temperature