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How to Stay Healthy This Fall

Seasonal Tips from New York City Doctors

With the leaves changing color and a chill in the air of the city, New York City doctors are urging all their patients to stay healthy this fall. This is the season of pumpkin carving, back to school studies and of course shaking off the heat of the summer sun by wrapping up warm. It is also the time of year when cold and flu starts to gravitate around the streets which is why it’s super important to keep your New York health up to date.

Stock up on Seasonal Food

Fall is a fabulous time for munching on seasonal fruit and veg like pumpkins, root vegetables, apples, pears, figs and cranberries are all in season. New York City doctors recommend getting at least five portions of fruit and veg a day to keep yourself in tip top shape. These foods are bursting with rich vitamins and minerals that will help to fend of cold and flu throughout the season.

Boost your System

Stave off those seasonal blues and lethargic days by giving your body a boost. Find a doctor in New York and ask about essential vitamins and mineral supplements to enhance your natural energy and your immune system. Giving your body what it craves will not only make you feel a million dollars but will also ensure your New York health is in top form.

Keep your Sleep

As fall descends those long nights start to draw in and it gives you the opportunity to catch up on your sleep. New York City doctors say that their patients reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when they get at least 7-8 hours per night. This will leave you feeling fine and dandy when the morning rolls around and ready to embrace the beauty of fall.
If you are looking for a New York City doctor to keep your health in check this season then contact because your health always comes first.