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How you can Help After Hurricane Sandy

How You Can Help After Hurricane Sandy

The calm has yet to settle after Superstorm Hurricane Sandy swept through the state of New York on Monday night, leaving a path of destruction and debris in her wake now New Yorkers are trying to deal with life after Sandy.. With the death toll at a staggering 110 across the country and over 40 deaths in New York City, it’s easy to feel helpless when the Earth spins on its axis and nature hurls her worst at us.
Yet now is not the time for apathy it’s time for action as millions of people remain affected by last week’s catastrophic disaster. With the threat of follow up storms, bad weather and snow there is plenty you can do to ensure your fellow New Yorkers aren’t left out in the cold this week.


Turning Your Cash into Kindness

With billions of dollars’ worth of damage already inflicted on the city and in residential neighbourhoods donations are flooding in from across the globe. You can donate online or in person. There are plenty of relief benefits springing up across the city; from dinner parties to comedy gigs, live music events and even local businesses are getting involved! Check out this list to see how your hard earned cash can pull community’s back together again down on the east side.

Thousands of local businesses have been hit hard, so if you can show your support by visiting them and picking up a purchase or two. Local shops, restaurants and small businesses alike need your help. SO take the ethical approach to post Sandy consumerism.


Give Blood and Good Cheer

Those angels down at the Red Cross have also been struggling to stand after Sandy tore through the streets. They have had to cancel at least 300 blood drivers due to the storm and their supplies are quickly running short. Donating blood can save lives and is free to do. So if you can’t contribute cold hard cash to the cause, you can donate warm blood to make all the difference. If you get a bit squeamish when it comes to needles, fear not, simply offering your services or donating tinned good, clothing and other necessities to either the Red Cross or the Salvation Army will help spread warmth and good cheer in the upcoming cold season.


More Hands Make for Light Work

Volunteers are sorely needed to help in the grand scale cleanup. Houses have been torn to bits, the beaches are broken up and the state is weighing heavily under the mass debris Sandy left. Join a local clean up team or stop by and help your neighbours pick up the pieces. More hands make for light work so let’s get the city shining once more.


Man’s Best Friend

It’s easy to forget that humans weren’t the only ones affected by Franken-storm Sandy. Plenty of animals got caught in the crossfire too. Both the Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Society are working ceaselessly to save the lives of our four legged friends. Contact them today to see how you can help.


Don’t Forget International Needs

Helping out close to home is going to be imperative to getting back on track, but let us remember our fellow victims outside of the States. The Caribbean including Haiti and Cuba also took a pummeling before the storm turned on the USA. Come together and help donate to Operation USA and the International Medical Corps to ensure the whole world has an equal chance of putting this tragedy behind them.