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Midtown Manhattan Rushes To Aid Young Tourist

Midtown Manhattan Rushes To Aid

Of Young Tourist


Manhattan is famous for many things with one being the famous New York City yellow taxi. They are a symbol of one of the greatest cities on Earth and they give us a familiar feeling of home. Recently however one has made the news in a way that will no doubt change the life of one young woman and all that love her.

As 23 year old British tourist Sian Green bought a hotdog with a friend near Rockerfeller Centre she would never have expected to be involved in an accident just seconds later. After colliding with a bicycle a yellow cab jumped the curb and hit Miss Green and severed her leg. Many Manhattan inhabitants rush to the aid of the British beauty and it is thought that their actions may well have saved her life.

Fate would have it that TV’s Dr Mehmet Oz was nearby and brought his expertise to the scene. A passing by pizza restaurateur also stepped in and performed first aid while assuring her that everything would be OK. Others went for ice and called 911 but the hero of the day was  Dave Jusino, a 44-year-old plumber. Mr Jusino used his belt as a  tourniquet on Miss Green’s almost severed leg and managed to staunch the bleeding before she was treated by New York City first responders and rushed to Belle Vue hospital. Without his quick thinking this story could have had a very different ending.

Miss Green is currently still in hospital after having had her left leg amputated below the knee. Her family are now with her at her bedside and with physical therapy it is expected her other leg that sustained deep lacerations will regain full functionality.

We hope Sian has a speedy recovery and we would like to praise all the people who’s actions have helped to save this beautiful young woman’s life.