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New York Air At It’s Cleanest In Fifty Years!

New York Air At It’s Cleanest In Fifty



According to a recent study, New York City has got the cleanest air it has had in the past 50 years! As New York City doctors this is music to our ears. Time and time again we have people coming in looking for New York Asthma Treatment so we hope that this new environmental change will help our patients.

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City says that levels of SO2 (that’s sulfur dioxide to you and me) have dropped by 69% in the last 5 years and that soot pollution has dropped to 23% since 2007.  This means that New York City now has the best quality of air it’s had for 5 whole decades! The mayor also said that the cleaner air is a result of his administration’s efforts. As part of PlaNYC, he and his team had targeted buildings that used the worst kind of heating oils and got them to switch to ones less damaging to our environment and our bodies.

Just three years ago a tiny 1% of the city’s buildings released more soot into our skies than all of the trucks and cars on our roads by burning the most polluting types of heating oils. Today, 2,700 buildings of that 1% have took a step in the right direction and changed to cleaner fuels with 2,500 others in the process of switching.

What Cleaner Air Means For New York Health


Sulfur dioxide contributes to acid rain production, breathing difficulties and even death. This new change in our New York City air means that every year 800 New York Lives will be saved and 2,000 emergency room visits prevented. If you are suffering from asthma in New York then this will probably be the best news you have heard since the public smoking ban.

We can all decide what exercise we take and what food we up into our bodies but the type air that we breathe in is out of our control as individuals. We think Mayor Bloomberg has done an outstanding job at cleaning up our air and as New York City doctors we are excited to watch the changes in the health of our patients.