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New York Chiropractors Guide to Sleeping Better with a Bad Back

If you suffer from back pain then you should book in with a New York Chiropractor. Yet even if you come up with a plan to straighten out your back pain you could be setting yourself back by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress.

People who suffer from bad backs need to choose their sleeping surface very carefully as the average person spends an estimated 6-8 hours a night on their mattress. A dodgy mattress will not only put your back out but it can also lead to fitful nights of tossing and turning, extra tension and muscle aches. When selecting a mattress bear the following pointers in mind…

Choose Something That Fits
Look for a mattress that fits your body, mattresses can be like a good pair of shoes and everyone is different. Chiropractors recommend choosing a mattress that follows the natural curve of your spine and distributes weight evenly.

Throw Out your Old Mattress
You should replace your mattress every eight years. After this amount of time the pressure will have sagged, the materials degraded and the whole thing turned lumpy. Lumpy mattresses mean lousy sleep and lingering back pain.

Try Before You Buy
Don’t make a snap decision when buying a mattress, you should mock sleep on the mattress for twenty minutes before committing to a purchase. Roll over and try different sleeping positions so you can really see if this mattress works for you.

Talk to Your Chiropractor
before selecting a mattress talk to your New York Chiropractor. They will be able to advise you on the best mattress to support your back depending on where your weakness is. For example some back pain requires a soft surface whereas lower back pain requires a little bit more support.