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Night and Day Medical prides itself on its ability to serve the people of New York City. If you find yourself in need of some back pain treatment, suffer from arthritis, or have work related injuries, Night and Day Medical can help. We at Night and Day Medical offer board certified chiropractors, with certifications in rehabilitation, impairments, and manipulation under anesthesia. For over 20 years, Night and Day Medical has been serving the health needs of the urban metropolis of New York City, and treating its denizens with compassion, honesty, and a high standard of medical practice.

Back pain can be caused by a myriad of reasons, and persistent back pain should motivate you to seek professional medical attention. Straining your back at work, suffering a work related injury, or suffering back pain repeatedly due to work conditions should be treated immediately. You may receive worker's compensation, in addition to having your place of work cover the cost of your medical treatment needs.

Arthritis is a condition that attacks the joints of the skeletal system, especially in areas of frequent use, such as the wrists, knees, ankles, and even the spinal region. Chronic sufferers of back pain are sometimes simply the victim of arthritis in the body. Physical therapy such as swimming, low impact exercise such as yoga, and light dancing can help keep the body limber, and work out the regions of bodily discomfort.

Back pain may also be a sign of a more serious disease, and is a symptom that one shouldn't ignore. Curvature of the spine may cause back pain, and require a realignment of the spine, with corrective surgery. A shifted disk in the spinal cord region, might not only cause back pain, but create difficulty moving around properly. The best way to assess your needs, is to come down to Night and Day Medical, and allow our trusted staff to diagnose and treat you.

We at Night and Day Medical want to treat your illnesses and get you back on track. Our certified, trained, and experienced medical professionals can treat the array of your medical woes. Most back pain treatment may focus on over the counter or prescription strength medication, coupled with rehabilitation or physical therapy. Back pain cases that call for invasive measures, can be taken care of by certified specialists.

The most important thing to consider when choosing Night and Day Medical, is that you have a team of patient, willing, and upfront medical professionals on your side. Protecting and promoting the health of our urban community is vital. There are in house programs available at Night and Day Medical, specially formulated to assist New Yorkers who may not have medical insurance. You can become a patient member and take advantage of Night and Day Medical's services, and access your medical history and needs without hindrances.

Night and Day medical has been around for 20 years, because they are in the interest of serving the community. You can take advantage of a staff that is focused on treating patients with a holistic, forward thinking, and wellness consciousness in their work. We here at Night and Day medical seek to treat all patients, offering accessible health care, and raising the overall health and awareness of the community. You can check out Night and Day Medical, their staff, and services online at Feel free to make an appointment today, by calling us at phone number 212-740-4600. Night and Day Medical has two Manhattan locations to serve you. The Midtown office is at 800 2nd Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10017. The Uptown office is at 15 Wadsworth Avenue on 174th Street (between Broadway and St. Nicolas Avenue) New York, NY 10033.