About Us

Our Motto

A neighbourhood practice built on integrity, quality and results.

Our Mission

Our mission at Night and Day Medical is to be a New York doctors surgery that cares.

Our Vision

Our vision as a leading New York Medical center is to provide quality health care in the community. While there are many doctors in New York, we feel that our personal relationship with patient sets us apart from the rest. We actively encourage and implement programs that promote health and wellness, fast and effective diagnosis, and enhanced treatment diseases.

Our Staff

Our staff at the Night and Day Medical center includes the best doctors in New York. Our team of New York medical associates are fully trained and qualified to meet your every need, whether they are a professional, paraprofessional or part of the clerical staff. An outstanding New York doctors we ensure that we function as a team in a coordinated and efficient manner so you receive the best possible care at all times. We respect that our patients lead busy lives and we endeavour to schedule all appointments to minimize wait times.

Your Time

In the bustling city that never sleeps we know that every second counts, which is why we work hard to maintain exceptionally high standards as a NY medical center. Whilst time may be an issue for our patients our doctors ensure that every patient that passes through the doors of our New York doctor’s surgery feels that they are given the time and patience they need. Our commitments to you as a patient is to provide total convenience with easy scheduling, familiarity with staff and fast access to medical records. We are confident that you can’t find a NY Medical center with a stronger emphasis on customer care than Night and Day Medical center.

Our Commitment

Commitment to your care is the top priority of Night and Day Medical center. We are continuously working to improve every aspect of our health care service to exceed your expectations. All our records are filed as EMR (electronic medical records) to allow patients and medical staff fast and secure access to patient information without delay.
With the knowledge that insurance coverage is ever changing we have taken the necessary steps to ensure our patients have access to affordable health care that doesn’t compromise in quality. For those New Yorkers who find themselves WITHOUT HEALTHCARE coverge we have an in-house reduced fee plan.

Need to Find a Doctor in New York ?

If you need to find a New York doctor that treats you with individual care, diligence and respect then perhaps Night and Day Medical center is the place for you. With sterling customer care, outstanding medical resources and a firm commitment to you, we are a New York doctors that believe in making a difference in the world of urban health. We look forward to meeting you and becoming an integral part of your health management team.