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Obamacare Made Easy

What Obamacare Means for You

For many Americans the debate over health care has been a long and drawn out process and everyone has different opinions. As a New York City doctors we want to inform our patients about the ins and outs of Obama care and what the Obama health care plan will mean for everyday New Yorkers. The real name for what we have dubbed Obamacare is known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The goal of the Obama health care plan is to make health insurance more affordable for Americans across the country and to reduce the amount of money that everyday citizens have to spend on health care to be protected.
Many citizens are worried that this new system will affect their existing private health care with Medicare or Medicaid. However Obamacare states that if citizens have their own personal and private medical insurance and are happy with their service, then this doesn’t have to change. Those who get healthcare through their employers or the government won’t really notice the change as the Obamacare comes into play. It is a system that is geared towards those Americans who don’t get health insurance through employment and need to find a way to subsidize health care to make it affordable for them and their families.

Health Care Concerns with Obamacare

The Obama Health Care Plan offers various health plans to suit different age groups, one of the key facts regarding the health reform is that it means if you have an existing medical condition this won’t affect your health insurance costs. The new health care reform also states that young people can now stay on their parents health insurance cover until the age of 26, which many families seem to be signing up for. Health insurance is still optional under Obamacare, it doesn’t seem to affect those who are already on a health care plan through their employees and it simply opens up a few options for those who need an alternative option to privatized health insurance.
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