New York EMR

Offering services such as EMR Night and Day Medical are New Yorks leading surgery. Call 212 843 5743.


emrOur state of the art Electronic Medical Records (EMR) offers our patients and providers an opportunity to work together as partners in healthcare.

  • Legible medical records
  • Records that are able to be electronically sent to any specialty provider you may require
  • Records sent to you at any time day or night in an emergency situation-anywhere in the world
  • Secure and personal access to these same records at your convenience
  • Access to your doctor in real time
  • Request medication refills
  • Ask simple questions to your provider
  • Request further clarification on your home instructions
  • Review laboratory reports
  • Make new appointments
  • Make appointment changes

At Night and Day Medical we understand that our patients want the best care possible but also want to be involved in the process. We welcome your input and look forward to managing your health together.