Family Medicine

Chose the right Family Practice Doctor for your family from one of our New York Family Medical Centers and let us care for your loved ones.

Family Practice

Family PracticeNew York Family Medical Center Providing the Best Care

Night and Day Medical is a family medical center who understands the importance of health and wellbeing in your family. We are able to provide complete family care from birth to adolescence, adulthood and even advanced geriatric care. We understand how much time and consideration goes into choosing the right family practice doctor and how intrinsic it is to have a close working relationship when it comes to your health care.

At Night and Day Medical center we strive to offer a complete care service for all of our clients including.:

  • Routine and chronic medical problems.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of new medical problems.
  • Yearly physicals.
  • Sports physicals.
  • Internal Medicine.
  • Newborn check-ups.
  • Low risk obstetrical care.
  • Geriatric care.
  • Diabetes tracking program and treatment.
  • Congestive heart failure program and treatment.
  • Hypertension disease management.
  • Management of chronic health problems (i.e. COPD, diabetes, hypertension)

Our team of certified family practitioners are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your health. As a New York family medical center that cares we are proud to offer a state of the art electronic medical records system to ensure that you and your family can have complete access to your medical notes anywhere in the world and at any time of day. This means that no matter where you are you can be confident that your doctor is always at your side. The EMR system allows appointments to be booked, prescriptions to be refilled and personal details to be exchanged with your family practitioner. In this busy world Night and Day medical center are always taking time to consider your need.

Family Practise Doctors That Make a Difference

With three clinics across the city you can enjoy one to one personalized care from our Brooklyn family medical center. For those of you living in the heart of the city you can also take full advantage of swift and effective care from our Manhattan family center.

As family practice physicians we take every effort to ensure you and your family are completely satisfied with the service and care you receive. All our family practice doctors are board certified and have been trained to the highest exceptional standard to help you feel confident your health is in good hands.

It is important to have a good rapport with your local New York family medical center and to feel like even in the midst of this busy city, the right time is taken to check your family’s health. At Night and Day Medical center we make sure never to over schedule appointment so we are able to provide patients with the one to one interaction they deserve. We hope you will never feel rushed off your feet and that you can relax and discuss your family’s health in comfort.

No problem is too big or too small for our team and every query is treated with the fullest respect. Whether you are worried about your child teething or whether your teenage son needs a checkup, perhaps your husband needs a physical or your grandma requires a heart scan – we can accommodate each and every one of these needs and so much more.

For a New York family medical center that can see you through a lifetime why not contact Night and Day.