Women's Health

At Night and Day Medical we try to help you avoid Breast cancer early. We also check for Ovian cancer. Womens Health at Night and Day Medical on 212 843 5743

Women’s Health

women's healthWomen and health is not just our profession, it is also our passion. We recognize the uniqueness and importance of women and understand that they want someone who knows them and their health. Women are not interested in some doctor who sees a large number of different patients. They want a unique experience with a unique doctor that understands them and what they are going through. Our team look for signs of Breast cancer and also Overian Cancer plus many more general womens health issues.


This is what we do:

We focus on women to women health. We want each woman that we help to feel like she is the most important patient we have.

Women are the foundation of our society. They are our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and girlfriends. Women and health is vital not just to our doctors, but also to society.  When women go to the doctor, they often feel like customers and visitors. When they come to us, they are friends and acquaintances. We care about their bodies, their health, their families, and their lives. Through women to women health, we are able to isolate their problems and their fears.

It doesn’t matter to us where you come from. The city? Great. The country? Great. Nearby? Great. Afar? Great. There are no strangers to us. Every woman is a face we feel like we have already seen and want to see again.