New York Chiropractic

Trying to Find A New York Chiropractor. Let our Manhattan Chiropractor and Brooklyn Chiropractor work their magic and put the spring back in your step.


Diminish your Pain Naturally With a NYC Chiropractor

If you need a chiropractor in New York City then Night and Day can offer you effective treatment. We understand that when you live in a big city like New York it can be difficult to find a chiropractor who cares and is willing to take your personal needs into consideration.

With three clinics across the city you can be sure that when you need a chiropractor that we will be here for you. Our certified team of chiropractors fully understand the implications of back pain and the diminishing effects it can have on your life.

Find a New York Chiropractor that Cares

Trying to find a chiropractor in New York that complements your needs can also be difficult but at Night and Day Medical center we take on board your individual needs and believe it is our full responsibility to provide you with the in-depth care you need. With over 20 years’ experience in chiro our team of fully qualified experts have worked side by side with many spine and pain specialists in varying professions including orthopedics, physiatrists, physical therapy, neurology and neurosurgery.

Our Chiropractor doctors in New York have additional training and certificates in the following areas

  • Certified in Rehabilitation.
  • Certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia
  • Certified in AMA Impairment Ratings

It is our goal to use the least invasive methods possible while utilizing all available modalities to help you get better and stay better.

There are a range of methods our team of NYC chiropractors use to diminish and effectively treat back pain and the kind of treatment you receive will depend on the cause of the pain and your specific needs. There are many reasons why you may need to seek help from a NYC chiropractor and the benefits of chiropractic care are endless.

Chiropractic therapy is a belief that the body has the ability to correct itself without the use of drugs and medication. With manipulation therapy and adjustments we are confident that many problems can be effectively controlled and pain can be a thing of the past. Chiropractors have full certified training to thoroughly understand the body and how it works, this means that with the right manipulation they can release pinched nerves, relieve tissue inflammation and pain and reduce stiffness in the joints.

Tailor Made Programs to Suit You

For those who believe in natural healing and don’t want to sucumb to the side effects of many drugs used on the mass market Night and Day can cater to your needs. Our tailor made chiropractic programs are designed with the individual in mind. So whether you have been involved in an accident, injured or suffer from chronic pain we are here to show you there is another way.

We look forward to helping guide you through the process of effective chiropractic therapy and helping to answer any questions you have about the procedures. If you have been suffering from pain or stiffness now is the time to move forward.