Ankle Sprain and Back Strain

Sprains and Strains

Pains and sprainsIt is important to recognize the fundamental difference in the bodily injuries resulting from a ligament sprain, a muscular strain or a bone contusion. These are all commonly experienced injuries. Immediate medical care is necessary if a possible ankle sprain or severe back strain is suspected. Additionally, if you experience severe pain, swelling or localized numbness, these may be signs of bone bruises or internal swelling.

Among the most common injuries experienced as a result of physical activity are ankle sprain and back strain. The most common foot or ankle injury seen by and treated by podiatrists is an ankle sprain. This injury can happen during any daily activities where your foot suddenly moves beyond the normal range of motion of the joint of your ankle. An ankle sprain is the resulting tear of the ligaments from the joint. Seek medical care if you experience significant swelling, inner foot pain or an inability to walk. These may be signs bone contusions, or bone bruises.

Another commonly experienced injury is back strain. This is the stretching of tendons and muscles that connect to bones. Over-stretching the muscle tissue will cause moderate pain. If the back strain is severe, a partial or complete tear of the muscle tissue can occur.

Our physical medicine department is quite capable of make the proper diagnosis and rendering the best care possible. Our goals are to reduce the healing time and increase your functionality as soon as possible.