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Taking Good Care of your Heart

A Healthy Heart

Your heart is an important part of your body for you cannot live without it. It is one of our major organs. So what is the main function of the heart? Its focal purpose is to pump blood all the way through your body. Distribution of blood through our body is most vital to make sure that oxygen reaches our whole body. But because of carelessness, our heart will catch different diseases. There are plenty of heart diseases and over 25% of Americans are experiencing one or more types of cardiovascular disease. The thing is, some do not have any symptoms on its early stage. In order for you to know if your heart is working well, you must visit a cardiology New York center and let them do some tests in your heart so as to be sure that it is perfectly working.

Heart disease is a huge term and may be divided into different types and some will be cited below so as to make you more familiar with the disease you may get if you will continue living an unhealthy lifestyle:
1. Coronary Heart Disease. It is a disease wherein the coronary is hardening and narrowing which causes blockage in vessels, making it hard for blood to get all the way through easily. The most common sign of CHD is angina or chest pain. A person experiencing this may feel heaviness, burning, numbness, or excessive pain on the chest area. But then, some will not feel any symptoms even if they are carrying the disease so it is best to visit a cardiology New York center so as to be sure that your heart is perfectly working. So as to treat CHD, a patient is required to change his lifestyle. His diet will be controlled as well. Also, he must take some medicines which must be taken during angina and some must be taken regularly. If the condition is already severe, your cardiologist will instruct you to undergo a surgery to control your blood flow and your heart’s function.

2. Congenital Heart Disease. This is a condition wherein the patient has the disease since birth. Condition of the heart may be having some holes in the heart, blockage in the arteries and vessels, valve are damaged and not working as it must be, or the blood flow is not what it should be. Patients who have CHD usually undergo surgery to fix the problem. In some cases, a cardiologist may require a heart transplant.

3. Cardiomyopathy. This condition is associated with inflammation of the heart’s muscles. It can cause irregular heartbeats and cardiac arrest. It usually happens when the heart cannot pump the way it should. Most patients who have cardiomyopathy have heart failure and must regularly visit a cardiology New York center. Treatment may include taking of medicines, lifestyle change, wearing of pacemaker or wearing of defibrillator.

We can surely get rid of different heart diseases only if we will be responsible enough in taking good care of our body. We must avoid salty and fatty foods and eat healthy food such as vegetable, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and lastly, do some exercises regularly. Be heart smart! Take good care of it as early as now if you do not like to have any heart diseases. Visit a cardiology New York center and undergo some heart examinations so as to be sure that you are in perfect condition!