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Tips to Stop You Suffering From Back Pain in New York

Suffering From Back Pain in New York?

Living with back pain can be extremely difficult and hinder your everyday enjoyment of life. Whilst in some chronic cases back pain can be unavoidable there are methods you can apply to your everyday routine to try and keep suffering from back pain in New York at bay.

Don’t stretch first thing

Even though we all love a good stretch when getting out of bed, this can wreak havoc on our back muscles and discs. People suffering from back pain usually complain about feeling stiff in the morning, this is because when we sleep our discs hydrate and stretch out in the night. In the morning you need to give your body time to dehydrate so your muscles are back on track.

Learn to lift properly

Many people throw out their back by lifting heavy objects incorrectly. It’s vital to remember the golden rule when lifting –bend your knees not our back! Your back should always be kept straight when lifting and if picking up heavy items always employ a friend to help.

Avoid intense exercise

Although exercise is a vital part of our health you should always listen to the signals your body gives you. Stomach crunches and sit ups put a lot of strain on your back so if you know you have weak back muscles adopt gentle exercise routines including swimming. Speak to your doctor about the right exercise regime for you.

Keep a healthy weight

Excess weight means that your body- particularly your back has to suffer more stress. Through healthy eating and regular exercise you should try and maintain an ideal body weight to help your back, your heart and your overall health.

If you are suffering from back pain in New York here at night and day, our fully qualified back pain experts are here to help. We can help alleviate back pain so you can enjoy a full and unrestricted life once more.Contact us today to ask about back pain treatment in New York.