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Tis the Season to Get Your Flu Jab

Tis the Season to get your Flu Jab

The season of good will is almost upon us but with good tidings comes winter virus’s including cold and flu its time to book your NYC flu jab. There is a big difference between your common cold and possibly fatal flu. A common cold may sweep you off your feet for a few days leaving you suffering from stuffy sinuses, fatigue and general misery. Plenty of over the counter medicines are available to put your ailments on the back burner and lots of rest and recuperation is advised.

Yet influenza AKA the flu sparks a more serious note particularly for the risk brackets of the old and the young. Flu is regarded as a seasonal virus that attacks the lungs and causes high fever, coughs and a grating sore throat. That sound’s nasty enough on its own but did you also know that every year at least 2,000 New Yorkers die of seasonal influenza and pneumonia that can develop from the average flu.

Am I at Risk?

As the cold winds blow in and temperatures plummet we recommend you protect yourself against the grain of winter and book your flu jabs now! No one is spared from influenza but some are higher at risk than others. If you are pregnant, work with babies or older than 50 you can be at a higher risk if you contract the flu virus. Anyone and everyone can opt for the influenza vaccine as long as you are over the age of six months.

The reason it’s so important to protect yourself against the flu is because it’s an air borne virus and can spread thick and fast. No one is spared seasonal influenza, even if you are one hundred percent healthy you are still at risk of contracting the illness. Flu affects everyone a little bit differently. It can bound you to your bed for days and knock your plans for days and weeks.

Where can I Book my Flu Jab?

Flu vaccines are available in abundance across the city and here at Night and Day Medical Center we offer all our clients – old and new – the chance to protect yourself against the harsh conditions of the winter season. Keep your Christmas cheer on the up and your chance of contracting flu on the down low. Contact us today to book your flu jab.

There are a few different types of influenza vaccines to suit your individual needs. The standard flu jab is suitable for everyone above the age of six months. The high dose is designed to protect those in a more vulnerable age bracket (over the age of 65). For those of you who quiver at sharp things, needles included, there is also a nasal spray flu vaccine. It takes two weeks for the influenza jab to armor your antibodies against the virus.

Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to protect yourself against the flu. Spending an hour getting your jab is well worth the time as the season changes; in the long run it can keep you from weeks in bed, protect your health and maybe even save your life.