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Top Five Reasons to Book your Flu Shot with a NY Doctor

Many people may think it’s not worth the effort to get a flu shot from their New York doctors this year. Guess again, when it comes to your health in the season of good cheer don’t take a risk with your health. Check out our top five reasons why getting a flu shot should be number one on your Christmas list.

1. You are Exposed to More People
Without a doubt Christmas is a hectic period for you and your family. With lots of shopping, parties and sharing close quarters with friends and family you are at a greater risk of being exposed to the virus. Flu is an airborne highly contagious virus and can be passed on in hundreds of ways.

2. It’s the Busiest Time of Year
Christmas has you swept of your feet and there is no worse time to be laid up and out of action because of the flu. Spending Christmas morning sick in bed when you should be stuffing the turkey is enough to ruin your Christmas cheer. Ensure you are up and active this season by getting flu shot.

3. It’s Your Job to Protect Your Family
If you have young ones running around it’s your job as a parent to protect them. The only sure fire way of keeping them safe is booking them in for a flu jab. Don’t take the risk when it comes to your children’s health this year this is especially true for vulnerable infants and children who suffer from low immunity.

4. Its Fast and Effective
Booking a flu jab takes less than five minutes and is a relatively easy and pain free experience. The shot itself is totally safe and very effective so why not take the time out to get sorted and put your mind at ease.

5. Flu Can be Serious
You may think the flu is just a bad cold but influenza can turn serious and even prove fatal in some cases! Believe it or not the flu claims up to 100 lives each year and the majority of the fatalities occur in children. Over 20,000 people are hospitalized every year because of the flu. With statistics like that it’s not hard to see why the medical industry backs the flu jab and why it’s your responsibility to make sure you don’t take the risk this year!

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