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Night and Day Medical, a leading NYC Medical Center, provides the most has competent, skilled and knowledgeable doctors who have acquired their excellence through high quality educational attainment and experience in the field we are in. Members of our team have undergone rigid screenings, have passed the board examinations and continuously attending seminars and trainings which made them well-equipped with proficiency. We will treat you the way you must be treated. So you, as a patient, will also be clearly informed of your conditions and will be explained every detail you must know to fully understand what you are going through. Very much aware that patients are different from one another and each must be treated uniquely, we let our patients speak their thoughts and emotions, letting them participate in the diagnosis and treatment plans.


We specialize in different common conditions such as abdominal pain, allergies, asthma, back pain, cuts, colds and flu, ear aches, fever, headache, insect bites, pain, rashes, skin infection, sprains and strains, sexually transmitted diseases, strep throat, upper respiratory infection and urinary tract infection. As the leading NYC Medical Center, we use our world-class facilities, we make sure that patients will undergo several physical examinations and get to the root of the problem accurately. We also make sure that only the best medication will be given, thus, an effective result will be expected in no time. Night and Day Medical surely provides a high-quality healthcare service delivered with compassionate care — a NYC Medical treatment center must possess.


Also, since we have different doctors, we have come up with different methods of healing depending on our patient’s conditions. Our doctors are experts when it comes to oriental, naturopathic, allopathic and holistic medicine. We will let our patient decide on how he would like to be treated and rest assured that the healing process will be expected. Trusting us with your conditions is an honor, thus, we promise to give you the best NYC Medical treatment.


Night and day Medical have made setting an appointments to renowned doctors easier through our online booking that may be found in our web page. We also made our doctors easier to reach through emails if in case patients have concerns about their ailments and for clearing of instructions given on how to cure their problem. Emails will only be entertained if in case the problem doesn’t require the patient to be physically checked again. Also, we have made it easier for our clients to check their latest and previous medical results through our specialize system. As the superior NYC Medical center, we have come up with a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records where an old patient could check so he could have a copy of his medical records quickly, without visiting our office. We make sure that information provided is all up to date and accurate. An access code will be given by personnel from our office which will be used in order for a patient to access the information he is looking for.


We are family in Night and Day Medical. We will make you feel comfortable in every way. Aside from our world-class facilities, board passer physicians and affectionate medical team, we also have a cozy environment; assuring patients will be well-rested and well-attended. We are aware of our patients feeling and we know that each of them would like to be treated well.


Having a well taken care of body is our ticket to a prosperous and healthy life so as early as now, go visit the best NYC Medical Center and have your routine check up! It is better to have your body checked early to prevent you from having serious condition someday.