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A Friendly Doctors Surgery in New York


Looking for a doctor’s surgery in New York and tired of waiting around to be seen? We understand your frustrations and concerns. At Night Day Medical, you won’t have to add to the stress of your illness by waiting around to be seen, random cancellation of appointments and seeking advice from medical practitioners who only have a few years of experience and are not competent enough to look after you

We believe in quality care and this is what we seek to provide every patient that enters our centre. Dealing will illness is in itself a frustrating task so we therefore provide you with a team of experienced professionals who will be able to look into your problem wholly, critically assess you and provide advice that will lead you to a speedy recovery

When you visit our centre, depending on your condition, you will be allocated a specialist to look after you. Our specialists diagnose your problem, offer advice and administer treatment. They are also always very happy to answer your questions, concerns and walk you through your recovery.

Our services are varied-from the odd flu or colds, depression, skin conditions, back pain or the rather more acute conditions that require specialist help. Our dedicated staff are always ready to assist and always happy to take an enquiries that you might have before visiting us.

What sets us apart from the numerous other doctors surgery in New York is our commitment to our patients. We ensure you’re up to date with your medical records via our unique Electronic Medical Records system. It allows patients access to medical history. Also with insurance changing ever so often, we have an in house reduced plan for patients who have no insurance and are keen to get on board. Being a patient with our centre allows you huge savings in most of our services on offer

Night Day Medical is the place to be if you’ve been everywhere and have not been impressed. Contact us today so we get you back on your feet healthy and happy