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A local NYC Doctor

Night and Day Medical provides the best quality of healthcare to every patient. NYC Doctor’s heritage of excellence and efficiency surpass all apprehensions. Our doctors have undergone rigid screening before being part of our team. We make sure that our doctors are well-trained and equipped with knowledge and experience in the field we are in, guaranteeing you a healthy and happy life. Also, our doctors continuously gain additional knowledge as diseases do vary from time to time, making sure that we are equipped with the essential information by attending medical trainings, seminars and the like.


Night and Day Medical NYC doctors are experts when it comes to the following conditions: abdominal pain, allergies, asthma, back pain, chiropractic, colds and flu, cuts, ear aches, fever, insect bites, pain, skin infection, strep throat, strokes, urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted diseases, ob-gyn concerns, diabetes, emotional concerns, and any other ailments. So if you are worried about something you are feeling, then you must be wary and have a routine check-up. An early prevention is definitely better than acquiring the disease in the near future.


We focus not just in a certain disease you will mention but we exhaustively test your condition thus, other possible sickness will be diagnosed. A NYC doctor only uses world-class facilities which provide accurate results. In that way, you, as our patient, will be back in shape and do your daily routines freely. We do not take the risk for it is your life at stake so we make sure that you will receive only the best service you could possibly get from a doctor. Medications and treatments will only be given after thorough physical examinations, giving only the best cure to your illnesses. We also make sure that we place your physical, emotional and spiritual needs at the core of our labor. Guaranteeing you that you will be relieved for you have been checked by the best NYC doctor you could ever get.


Since technology has been improving, we have designed and executed a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records where patients can conveniently get the results of their medical records. Records may be checked anytime of the day and will be kept if in case it will be needed for future references. An access code from our office will serve as your ID so you can browse on your records whenever you need to. Rest assured that the system is secured so other persons will not be able to browse other patients’ account.


Also, our NYC doctor may be contacted with the use of your internet. An email address will be provided so a doctor may be contacted if you need to clarify instructions about your medications. If you have any simple questions that may be answered without having you physically checked, then we would be very glad to give you the information by sending you an email. This will be very convenient for time will not be wasted because we make sure we will attend to your concerns as soon as possible.


Night and Day medical has a reduced plan for those who have no healthcare insurance, thus, helping them get the medical treatment that suits their ailment yet guaranteeing an affordable value. We prioritize our patient’s health and earning is beyond our main concern.


Pay attention to your body’s capabilities and make your health one of your priorities. Do not exceed your limit for it will develop into a disease in the future and it is you who will suffer. Take care of your body because it is your ticket in living a prosperous life.