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Avoid a Bad Back With New York Chiropractors

It’s easy to take your body and health for granted until you find yourself trying to cope with the pain of a bad back. Whether it’s a slight twinge or full on agony you should always seek the service of a New York chiropractor if you have a bad back. There are ways you can avoid damaging your back with these top tips to keep your back in good shape.

Peel of the Pounds
If you are overweight, then you are likely candidate for back problems. Try shedding a few pounds to keep your body in shape and take the strain off your back with a diet and exercise plan.

Warm up and Cool Down
if you are an avid exercise junkie then be sure to stretch before hitting the treadmills! Sports injuries are a big contributor to back pain so always be sure to take the time to stretch out before and after a visit to the gym, the track or even the slopes.

Lift Correctly
Picking up that superweight washing machine may have been a necessity but now your back is paying for it. When lifting heavy items remember the mantra of bending knees and keeping backs straight. There’s a reason guidelines are in place people.

When your mother said don’t slouch little did she know that not only was she keeping you in social order but also in good health. Slumping down in chairs can lead to poor health in the back department. Try to avoid going around with rounded shoulders. This means you should keep your posture erect and your shoulders as straight as you can.

When stressed your neck muscles tighten and your back can become full of knots. Keep your stress levels on the down low and why not opt for a massage on a weekly or monthly basis to iron those creases out? If you can’t go for a massage then a hot sauna or warm bath can also do the trick in keeping you as cool and chilled as a cucumber.

Listen to Your Body
Don’t ignore twinges and spasms, it’s your body’s way of communicating that whoa there is a problem! If you start to hear warning signals take head and book in with your local New York chiropractor to be safe.