Metabolic Management Post Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgery is performed specifically for the purpose of having the greatest chance for weight reduction. Unfortunate sequela of post bariatric surgical procedures are metabolic and endocrine deficiencies and changes. It is essential for patients undergoing these procedures to have a postoperative diet that manages micronutrient deficiencies and overall nutritional management so that the patient can continually receive adequate supply of these essential nutrients that maintain health.

One of the well-known and medically excepted deficiencies is bone loss. This is primarily due to several vitamins and hormones that become deficient.

Although bone loss is the primary consideration there are many other symptoms that you may feel and not relate this to post bariatric micronutrient deficiencies. Some of these include confusion depression forgetfulness tingling in your lips and fingers and or feet, stiff and achy muscles.

Our practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of this ongoing and lifelong journey to rebuild your normal vitamin and hormonal levels. Depending on the severity and the stage post surgical we may choose either oral or intravenous infusions for supplementation.

While there are generalized expectations of a post surgical patient each patient is individual and needs specific formulations to optimize recovery and ongoing health while weight-loss continues.