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Always in our Hearts

Remembering 9/11 This week marks a sad occasion for every American citizen across the world as the anniversary of 9/11 draws close. At this time we stop the clocks and remember a day when our great nation stood still and watched the world crumble around us. This day has been carved into…


Doctors In New York City Say Stay Safe In The Heat!

It’s Even Hot For Doctor’s In New York City!   Good moring New York from your friendly neighbourhood NY doctor! Did everyone sleep O.K last night in the heat? Probably not! All these glorious hot summer days kinda get a doctor in New York thinking. You know that New York…


Tips to Stop You Suffering From Back Pain in New York

Suffering From Back Pain in New York? Living with back pain can be extremely difficult and hinder your everyday enjoyment of life. Whilst in some chronic cases back pain can be unavoidable there are methods you can apply to your everyday routine to try and keep suffering from back pain…