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Cold Weather and Help with Asthma

When Temperatures Plummet We Can Help With Asthma

Recent studies have shown that cold weather can affect asthma. If you need help with asthma then you should be sure to book in with a doctors surgery that specializes in giving help to asthma sufferers in New York.  As the temperature plummets it seems the number of asthma related hospital admissions rises. The cold weather can be an asthma trigger, especially if those with asthma contract cold or flu. here are a few ways you can keep yourself safe for the rest of the winter.

1. Get a Flu Jab – If you are an asthma sufferer in New York then you are in the high risk category if you contract the flu. Be sure to book an appointment with your doctor and get your flu jab up to date to avoid catching the virus and putting your health at further risk.In the meantime be sure to avoid people who are sick with the flu and maintain high personal hygiene standards.

2. Keep Your Inhaler With You – When its cold outside you should never leave the house without your inhaler. With New York being such a bust city sometimes the pollution can trigger asthma in New York but the cold air can also add to this. You should always carry your inhaler with you to be safe.

3. Wrap Up Well – Don’t forget your scarf when you leave the house. Get a good thick scarf and wrap it around your mouth and nose. This will mean that the air is warmed before you breathe it in.

4. Warm Up Properly – If you are out to exercise in the cold fresh air then be sure to warm up correctly. Go slowly so your body and respiratory system can adapt. Plunging into hard exercise in cold weather will leave you feeling wheezy and out of breath.

Night and Day Medical Center are experts when it comes to helping asthma sufferers in New York. Our team of in-house specialists can help you with asthma. Book an appointment today to see how we can help you breathe better.