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Coping with Chronic Back Pain

Coping with Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is no walk in the park. Whether it’s a sudden back spasm attack or something that lingers, when it comes to your body you need to get checked out because it’s the vehicle that carries you. Here at Night and Day we offer the best back pain treatment in New York.  Any pain that precedes a three month span is considered chronic and chronic back pain can ruin lives. Chronic back pain can swoop in with a host of problems that affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. The lingering aches and pains can be related to depression, anger, fatigue and anxiety. You may not be able to enjoy the freedom of life you once had.

Here at Night and Day Medical center we want our clients to live life to the fullest. We believe every moment should be special and we want to help you get out of the cloud that is chronic back pain. So here are some top tips to coping with your chronic back pain problems.  The first step would be to book an appointment with one of our leading back pain specialists who will help you with a personalized treatment plan to overcome and manage your back pain problems.  Whilst working with our fully qualified team of chiropractors and back pain specialists you can also implement some of the following coping skills.

Take a Deep Breath

Deep breathing and simple meditation techniques can help your body deal with chronic back pain. You don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits of relaxation. Take a little time out each day or when the pain becomes severe and focus on your breathing. Not only will this little exercise soothe the body it will eliminate stressful thoughts and aid your mental well being.

Kick out the Happy Hormone

A little exercise goes a long way just be sure not to overdo it. With back pain it can seem like the best method of survival is sprawling out on the couch but you need to keep those muscles warm. You can speak to one of our back pain specialists who will help you implement an effective exercise plan to keep your body in tip top shape. Exercise also induces endorphins (AKA the Happy Hormone) which will boost your mood and block out pain signals to your brain.


Find a Little Time

Employ a better quality of life. Not as ambiguous as it sounds. This simply means reducing stress levels, eating healthy, long hot baths and investing a little more time in your personal well being. It’s easy to let chronic back pain bring you down. Often the pain affects your day to day living and hinders enjoyment. The key is staying on top and keeping yourself going with a positive affirmative attitude.


Talk to Us

With chronic back pain you don’t have to suffer in silence. Our team of experts at Night and Day Medical Center is here to help you with all your back pain problems. Together we can come overcome and help you get back on track and living life to the full.