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Facts About Fevers and Knowing When to Consult Your Doctor on Call in New York

Fevers can be natural response to foreign invaders in the body but you need to know when its time to give your on call doctor in New York a ring to avoid serious complications. Yes when you’re head starts feeling clammy and the color rises to your cheeks it’s the sign of one or two things; either you are in love or you are sick.When Should I Call my Doctor?
No matter what time of day you should seem medical help from your on call doctor in New York if you experience any of these effects alongside your fever.

Stiff Neck – high fever and a stiff neck are signs of meningitis. In this case your doctor should be called immediately or you should head down to your nearest emergency room to get checked out.

Abdominal Pain – crippling stomach pains accompanied by a fever can be leading to one very common ailment known as appendicitis. if not treated in time this can be potentially life threatening so you should always call the doc to have them advise you on what to do.

Repeated Vomiting – although fever and vomiting can go hand in hand if you can’t keep anything down then you are likely to become dehydrated. Throw in a  fever on top of dehydration dn you have a recipe for disaster.

Headaches, Muscle Aches, Everything Aches – when everything aches and you have a fever to match then it probably means you have the onslaught of influenza, aka the flu! Whilst some people can deal with the flu without medical aid its always better to get checked by your doctor.

A Fever That Just Won’t Quit – if your fever doesn’t want to chill out and persists over the course of several days then it’s time to call your doctor. Prolonged fever can be a clue that you have a more serious medical condition.

Fever in Children – little ones don’t have a dedicated immune system like adults. If your child is under the age of six months and has a fever you should never hesitate to call your doctor.