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allergiesNeed Help With Your Allergies in New York ?

While for many spring can be a time of joy, for those in New York suffering from allergies it can also be a time of great discomfort. If you need help with allergies then Night and Day Medical Center can help put the ‘spring’ back into your step.

Itchy eyes, a runny nose, stuffy nose can all be symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction towards an airborne substance, usually the substance is pollen, but it can also be dust and pet fur particles. Hay fever is rarely a life threatening or serious condition but it can be highly unpleasant as the New York pollen count rises. Some people decide to seek medical help for allergies, as the ‘cold like’ symptoms can have a negative effect on their life and interfere with their enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Hay fever and allergies can affect people at any time and of any age. It is estimated that the New York allergy forecast is on the rise. A common misconception associated with hay fever is that you have to be in the countryside to contract the allergy and if you are in the heart of the city you are safe. With abundant ragweed growth surrounding the city, pollen count in Times Square is at full quota and heavily contributing to New York allergies.

New York Allergies Help and Advice

There are many over the counter medications that can help with allergies, yet for those who suffer from allergies, you may wish to seek medical help to get the problem under control finally.

The first step in getting help with allergies is to find out what allergies your body is reacting to. With the advancement of techology we can skin test ortake a blood sampl and positively identify your allergies.

Common signs of hayfever orNew York allergies are as follows:

  • Itchy eyes.
  • Itchy throat.
  • Watery or red eyes.
  • Sneezing.
  • Blocked sinuses.
  • Headaches.
  • Sweating.

All of these symptoms can lead to irritability, tiredness and even slight depression at feeling so run down.

Allergies are irritating but rarely life threatening. However, if you have been exposed to a substance you are allergic too and suffer any of the following symptoms you should seek immediate medical help;

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Chest pain.
  • Skin rashes or hives.
  • Swelling or the mouth, lips or tongue.
  • Tightness of the throat.
  • Vomiting or abdominal cramps.