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A little info about Night and Day Medical

Do you require medical assistance and have been let down? Don’t know where to go but desperately require help? Then we are here to help. Night Day Medical is a New York based medical centre that specializes in anything from minor to major illnesses.

Whether you’ve had the odd bruise or cut while working, the typical winter flus and colds or a rather serious condition that requires specialist help, we are here to give you the best help that you need.

At NDM, we believe in service built on integrity, while ensuring quality and results are never compromised. We aim to improve health in our communities via delivering accessible medical care to everyone in a rather efficient but cost effective way as well.

Our goal in the industry is to be a leading health provider and to continually promote wellness, diagnose illnesses efficiently and seek the best treatments for every patient.

At Night Day Medical, we have a wonderful team of health professionals as well as clerical staff who ensure that your time spent at the centre is always a memorable and a pleasant one. We understand being a patient can be very stressful but we take away the stress as our team functions in a coordinated manner so that you get the best care as possible. We understand our patients have very busy career focussed lives so speed is always of the essence. Our team of medical practitioners are timely, very professional and always happy to have a chat with you to see what your needs are.

Our doctors are specialists in their field with years of experience to back it as well. We do not compromise on quality so we ensure we select the best from the industry. Therefore, when you visit us you will experience the best care as these doctors are able to diagnose your condition quickly through tests, dialogue as well as thorough examination.

You mean a lot to as so here at Night Day Medical, we provide the best customer service in our branches. We also provide you access to our Electronic Medical Records system which allows you access to your medical records. This is unprecedented and an excellent way of tracking down your progress in your health. We also have an in house plan for those without insurance. This is reduced and an affordable one which provides benefits such as reduced services in our centres.

So whether you’ve had a back pain after an accident or you just require advice from a general practitioner, why don’t you pop in today and have a chat with us to see how best we can help.