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How to Find a NYC Doctor You Love

Searching for a good doctor in NY?

Whilst the city is brimming with medical professionals sometimes it can be difficult to find a NYC doctor you really trust. Having a good relationship with your doctor  is extremely important, you don’t have to be best buds but you should be able to trust and respect your doctor without question. When it comes to your health why take the risk check out these tips to find a doctor you adore.

1. Ask Around

Word of mouth recommendations from people you know and trust is always a  good start but rather than asking your colleagues who only see their doctor once in a blue moon you should try asking your friends who have suffered health problems in the past. Those with health problems will be able to provide you with a valid opinion from experience.

2. Call the Reception

First impressions count remember and it doesn’t matter how attractive the office is if you get poor treatment from the staff. Call up to inquire about an appointment and see if the receptionist treats you well. You will also be able to see how busy the doctor is and how long you would have to wait for an appointment if time is an issue.

3.  Meet Face to Face

Sometimes it’s difficult to gauge a persons mannerism over the telephone so you should always book a face to face appointment to see how you get along in person. Go with your gut reaction and if you feel any discomfort around the doctor it probably isn’t a good sign. Whilst over familiarity and friendliness are nice qualities its not always the most important thing. You are looking for a professional and the doctors manner should reflect that. Come armed with several questions to see how well your potential doctor listens and responds.

Trying to find a NYC doctor can be difficult and time consuming but it’s worth putting the effort in to get the best results.