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How to Get Fit in New York

Stay in Shape in the City

Sometimes when you live in the city it can be difficult to stay in shape, with long working hours, plenty of delicious food up for grabs and numerous bars to hang out in putting on the pounds isn’t difficult. However if you want to get fit in New York there are endless opportunities for those who want to stay in shape. Getting fit and healthy is about more than wanting to look good on fifth avenue. Its about making the right lifestyle choices that will lead to a longer and more productive life.

Check out these tips for keeping trim in the Big Apple

1. Make the most out of New York’s lush green spaces and go for a jog in Central Park.If running isn’t your thing you can also take the dog for a walk, throw a Frisbee or practice your Tai Chi in the shade of the trees.

2. Join a class – whether you want to salsa under the stars or practice your kick fighting skills New York is brimming with classes across the city offering all kinds of get fit activities.

3. Health food fanatics can sample a range of delights from fresh fruit shakes to whitefish on rye. Whilst that pizza slice may look tempting remember the city offers plenty of low fat eating out alternatives.

4. Kayak on the Hudson when spring and summer hits there’s nothing like escaping the hustle and bustle of downtown and working your muscles out on the river.

5.  Get a personal trainer – if you are serious about staying trim then New York is crawling with personal trainers and fitness programs tailor made to meet your needs.

6. Talk to your doctor about fresh ways to get fit in New York . You should make regular visits to your New York doctor to ensure your health is in tip top condition.