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This Hot Weather Might Leave You Needing Insect Bites Treatment

This Hot Weather Might Leave You Needing Insect Bites Treatment


Bites and stings will probably cause an instant skin reaction and some Insect Bites may require medical Treatment. Being bitten by a flea or mosquito will cause more itching than pain, but say you are stung by are wasp, bee or hornet what shoul you expect? Under special circumstances any Insect Bites could call for Treatment but with these kinds of bugs you should expect pain, redness and swelling. These kinds of symptoms can be alleviated quickly and easily with over the counter antihistamines and pain killers. As you may have noticed already, bugs and creepy crawlies love the hot weather! Just like us, they want to be out and about, socialising and enjoying the sun. If you’re sun bathing on the roof or trying to have a picnic in Central Park the last thing you want are mosquitoes flying around your head and ants trying to march off with your picnic food. Preventing Insect Bites and avoiding Treatment is simple if you know how.


Follow These Steps to Prevent Insect Bites And Avoid Treatment


  • Never provoke insects!
  • Move slowly and stedily around nests and hives, being sure not to make any quick, jerky movements.
  • Smelling of perfume and and wearing clothing with a flowery pattern can attract pollen collectiong honey bees.
  • Use insect repellants.
  • Be aware that eating outdoors and drinking sweet drinks may attract bees.


Insect Bite Treatment In Emergency Situations


If you already know you’ve got a serious allergy to a particular insect bite or sting is important that you wear a medical I.D bracelet and carry an emergency epinephrine kit with you or EpiPen. Teaching your family, friends and co-workers how to give you your medication in an emergency is also something you should have covered. Some people may be competley unaware that they have an Insect Bite allergy that will require emergency Treatment. Knowing the signs of someone with a life-threatening reaction and calling 911 immeadiatley could make you the hero of the day. Call 911 if someone has any of these symptoms:


  • Having difficulty breathing
  • Are they wheezing
  • Swelling up (inside mouth and face)
  • Having difficulty swallowing
  • Feeling weak or turning blue


It’s a good idea to keep a look out for any signs of infection in any bites and stings and always see your physician if you have any Insect Bites that develops strange or sudden reactions.