This is often a confusing diagnosis that generally takes many years for patients to get diagnosed with and understand. Many women more so than men are affected with this disease. It is a painful fat disorder that is often looked at as simple Obesity. However the patient has no ability to lose this weight by either exercise or diet as it is a disorder that has nothing to do with caloric intake. It is extremely typical that these women have years of frustration due to poor and inaccurate medical intervention.

A typical presentation is a woman who has a normal sized upper body and an abnormally large hip, thigh and calf. The fat deposition generally stops at the ankle.

The road to recovery starts with a proper diagnosis. Our practice sees a lot of women that suffer from Lipedema. We have come to notice that once a proper diagnosis is rendered that the patient immediately has a sense of relief. Of course treatment varies as do the outcomes.

Management of this disease begins with conservative measures such as compression garments, leg pumps and manual lymphatic drainage massage. More aggressive intervention such as lymph sparing liposuction can have dramatic positive results in women especially in middle to late stage Lipedema.

Our practice strives to help diagnose women afflicted with this disease and to offer support in making the proper treatment recommendations based on each patient’s individual needs and stage of disease.

We have also been successful on some occasions with a great deal of help from our patients to get insurance companies to pay for this intervention. Even though it is a seldomly made diagnosis it is a relatively prevalent disease that is getting more attention and deserves health insurance reimbursements.

It is estimated that 10% of all women may have some variation of Lipedema. We hope with your help and support we can increase awareness.