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Night and Day Medical of New York offers services like Family Practice and Internal Medicine, even Chiropractic Care. We are highly recommended for our practicable services and doctors in new york. We also give yearly physicals to all clients, long-term geriatric care for the elderly, or even diabetes tracking program and treatment for the recipients with diabetes.

We offer these services to help our public to live a healthy, fulfilling and fitting life, no matter of lifestyle, religion, or sexual preference. We listen to our clients and base our services on their needs. We treat each client as if they were family.

Having those irritating and annoying pains would bring even the strongest client to our offices. We will supplement you with a quality of cares that we have at our office. We are certified in aspects of life such as Rehabilitation, AMA Impairment ratings, and Manipulation under Anesthesia.

We offer least enveloping methods to help our clients get healthy and stay better. These methodical services include, but not limited to, arthritis care, osteoporosis, sports injuries, sleep apnea, and any injured party, including sports injuries and injured workers.

With each of our doctor’s in different fields of study, we have learned different forms of healing. Those healings would include Oriental medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Allopathic and Holistic medicine. These medicines give our clients a choice of a way to heal not only their emotional well being but body, as well.

We promote wellness in all our services. We make sure that your time is attended with Board Certified Physicians that will take you, even as a walk in. We know that treatment is necessary and it is our pleasure to take care of all our old clients and potential new clients.

We realize that each patient is different, with different pains, different backgrounds, and different neighborhoods. We reach to our depths of knowledge to make sure our clientele and neighbors are safe and heal correctly with the best medicine possible.

Our commitment is to our clients. They look to doctors to make them live a long and prosperous life. This is what we do and is what our oath says. At Night and Day Medical the doctors in new york will take any form of payment for our services and we take pride in giving up-to-date care to our clients.

With up-to-date care we can provide the best quality of care that our clients look to us for. We respect that our clientele are coming in at a time with much restraint. We respect our clientele so that we can give them prompt service without being overbooked.

We expect to be coordinated and efficient enough to satisfy our clientele. Satisfaction is what brings in more clientele. We here at Night and Day Medical are at your service. Give us a call, we will be happy to set you an appointment. You may set up an appointment online as well. We have a doctor set up for those visits, as well.

We have two current locations in Manhattan, New York. They are located in midtown on 2nd avenue and on Wadsworth Avenue which is uptown of Manhattan. At both locations we have Board Certified physicians. We have many different backgrounds in the doctoral field which will help our clientele live a healthy life.

All we ask as physicians is to give our clinic a try. If you are not happy with the quality of care that you think you should receive then walk out the door without a goodbye. You are more than welcome to send us an email about your quality of care from our professional doctors. We take this seriously. May your visit here be as happy as we are to serve the public of New York as doctors.