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Medical Insurance

Night and Day Medical accept insured patients

Medical Insurance can be very frustrating when paying for it.However on a dark day, it does come in handy. For those that do not have medical insurance, falling ill is always of concern mainly because of consultation fees and expensive hospital admissions. Because of this, majority of people would typically grab something from over the counter in the pharmacy or self-medicate. This can be a very unhealthy practice as certain diseases require diagnosis to determine the actual cause. Using self-medication might only tackle the immediate symptoms as opposed to dealing with the underlying problems.

Sometimes, some diseases do not shown any symptoms at all. For these types of illnesses, it can be deadly when symptoms begin to show. This is because they would have reached the very latter stages. It is advisable that yearly, you visit a doctor in order for you to be checked thoroughly and properly so as to see if there are any underlying conditions that may or may not be life threatening. Going to a doctor for a routine check-up will surely help you be cured, especially if the diseases are not yet severe. It is indeed easier to cure an illness during its early stages rather than curing it during its latter stages when it’s gotten severe and deadly. However one thing that remains of utmost concern for these patients is paying for these services at the hospital; especially for the less-fortunate whose earnings are just enough for their basic needs.

Night and Day Medical Centre, as one of the most sought after medical centres in New York City, provides medical assistance to those who do not just own medical insurance but also to those who cannot afford expensive extortionate fees, medicines and laboratory tests. We, at Night and Day Medical Centre, assure patients that they will get the same treatment medical insurance usually get, without them having to pay massive bills.

Aside all these, there are benefits of a medical insurance could provide a patient. It primarily gives you peace of mind. If you have your own medical insurance, you do not need to worry about emergency situations as you can easily visit a hospital and get the care you deserve. In situations where a patient doesn’t have their own medical insurance, they have to go through the typically longer process by visiting the hospital’s emergency department and are one of those uninsured patients who have to go through a long winded process just to be looked after. If you have one, you will be attended right away by the best doctors covered by your health insurance. Also, the fees and other hospital charges will be very affordable and very less a compared with an uninsured patient. Medical bills can leave you with huge debts that are definitely hard to pay. This is why you must at least consider getting your own medical insurance so you’re covered just in case something critical happens to you in an emergency. Night and Day Medical Centre is associated with different health insurances. Just call your healthcare provider to confirm the services covered.

Again, your health is your life so you must always ensure you’re in top shape. Whether you have your own medical insurance or not, you must still consider visiting Night and Day Medical Centre for regular check-ups so as to be fully aware of how your body is performing. It is recommended you visit a doctor twice in a year. Aside having a healthy lifestyle, like doing some regular exercise and not indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle. Health should not be compromised if you want to live longer and enjoy all that you’ve worked for. Taking good care of yourself and your health should not leave you financially broken.