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New York Flu Jabs Can’t Keep Up With Demand

Despite the news spreading like wildfire that New York is ‘running out’ of the flu jab we are pleased to report that we still have plenty of vaccinations available for all our clients. According to recent reports by big shot pharmaceutical companies the number of people seeking the jab has gone up in the last year. Walgreens are reporting giving out 5.7 million doses this year compared to 5.3 million last year.It seems more and more people don’t want to be the victim of the widespread, dreaded seasonal disease known as influenza. Who can blame them? There is nothing worse than being swept off your feet with aching muscles, high fever, a racking cough and jangled nerves at the start of a new year. Considering influenza kills we are happy to hear about all these New Yorkers finally getting the jab.

Whilst this is bad news for some clinics you can still book in with us to receive your flu jab. Remember the preventative injection takes roughly around 2 weeks to start working so be cautious during the time in between.

The spike in reported flu cases this year lets us know that it has been one of the worst seasons in recent history for New York. the most common victims of the disease tend to be elderly patients over the age of 65 and infants. Pregnant women are also at risk alongside people with existing medical conditions and low immune systems.

Now is the time to book in for your flu jab, although at Night & Day Medical we are confident that we can always offer our customers exactly what they need it may be a wise idea to beat the rush as the rest of the cities supplies struggles to keep up with demand.